Following Diagnosis Early intervention

 When a baby is diagnosed with a hearing loss, it is essential they begin intervention as early possible.

Early intervention encompasses:
  • Hearing devices (hearing aids or cochlear implants) which help the baby learn to listen and communicate by amplifying sounds in their environment.
  • Services that help families understand more about their child’s hearing loss and learn ways they can help their child develop necessary language and communication skills.

Babies who are diagnosed with a hearing loss and start receiving early intervention before six months of age have been found to demonstrate better speech, language and learning skills than those diagnosed at a later age. This is because the earlier a baby can hear, the earlier their brain is exposed to, and can learn language.

Following diagnosis, the family will be introduced to a range of early intervention options for them and their baby. In Victoria, Early Support Service facilitators can provide families with a range of information about early intervention.

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